IATA ULD Regulations 2022 (9103-10)

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Improved Aircraft Operations and Safety.


The IATA ULD Regulations contains both technical and operational standard specifications and regulatory requirements as well as airlines requirements applicable to overall ULD operations. The creation of the IATA ULD Regulations has involved extensive consultation and collaboration with all segments of the air cargo industry.

The ULDR provides:

  •  Minimum standard specifications for designing and manufacturing ULDs that conform to IATA, ISO, SAE, and other national and international standards.
  • Essential and detailed guidelines for all aspects of ULD operations.
  • Training requirements and standards.
  • Supporting material for airlines creating operations manuals containing ULD related content for use by their own or outside staff.

If you are an airline, ground service provider, freight forwarder, shipper/consignee, ground transport provider, ULD pooling/leasing provider, ULD OEMs, ULD repair station, or any organization having even a limited involvement in ULD activities, the ULDR will provide an effective means to ensure regulatory compliance across the ULD operational chain.

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